Tennis Gift Guide 2023

The holiday season is upon us, and if you're on the hunt for the perfect gifts for the tennis-loving ladies in your life, look no further than Edara Apparel's 2023 Holiday Gift Guide. This curated collection goes beyond the usual tennis gear, offering a mix of stylish fashion, practical accessories, and luxurious splurges that any female tennis player would appreciate. 

These are items that check both of the following boxes:

1) She wants it but wouldn’t typically buy it for herself; and

2) She could always use more of it, and it’s nice to not have to buy for herself.


Tennis gifts under $200
  1. The Upside Cardigan: Elevate Your Style

The Upside has combined fashion and function with a stylish cardigan that's perfect for throwing over your tennis dress (or with jeans!). Keep warm and cozy and look fabulous.

  1. The Edara Advantage Sports Bra

The softest, smoothest fabric for snug, compressive support. The neon colors offers a perfect pop to any tennis outfit. We prefer the padless design, because we hate when bra pads fall out in the wash. But if you prefer the alternative, we highly recommend the super easy solution of slipping in these grippy, non sticky nipple covers!

  1. An Upgraded Pickleball Paddle from Skål or Palms-o-Aces

All of a sudden there are SO MANY pickleball paddles to choose from on the market. I love supporting these two smaller businesses that have put out high quality and beautifully designed pickleball equipment.

  1. A Gift Card

You can never go wrong with a gift card for anyone on your list. We’d love you to buy what you want from Edara, especially once we have our new releases out!

  1. Eye Protection from Ria Eyewear

Have you seen some of the horrific images of pickleball player eye injuries? Yikes! Don’t worry about how you may look wearing some clear eye protection for indoor or lowlight play; it could help save you from serious injury! And the sunglasses from Ria are a remarkably, universally-flattering design, built for the athlete. Check them out!

  1. Stanley Water Jug: Hydration on and off the Court 

For the tennis player who takes hydration seriously, the Stanley water jug is a game-changer. With its rugged design and large capacity, it's perfect for team matches or long training sessions.

  1. Tennis + Fashion Beltbag

A limited edition collab between Clare V and Racquet Magazine, this cute belt bag doesn’t scream cheesy-tennis gear and is naturally a practical, hands-free fashion choice. 

Tennis gifts under $50
  1. Not Your Average Deodorant

This clean but effective deodorant is all the rage and designed to purposely be reapplied throughout the day, because how can you expect any product to effectively last through a full day of activities. No shame in doing a quick swipe on the court before you start your match or before you leave the court to run to your next thing.

  1. Edara’s Ace Visor and Trucker Hats

 We are visor/hat people through and through, because it is the easiest way to offer sun protection to your face and eyes and add a fun fashion statement. The Ace Visor is an original design, super comfortable and the underside of the bill is black to help reduce sun glare. The truckers are just cute and fun! 

  1. Portable Score Keeper

Whether it is age, distraction or selective memory, keeping accurate track of the score seems to become a greater challenge every time I play, ugh. When a friend happened to carry one of these in her tennis bag, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought to do the same. It takes up no space and is a “game changer.”

  1. Cute Tennis Towel

These are the perfect tennis towels, complete with classic embroidery. I keep one in my bag (and wash it after each use) and am amazed at how useful it is: from wiping sweat, to sitting on when the bench is hot/cold, to mopping up spilled water on the court, to placing under my thighs in the car when I have sunscreen on my legs….I use it all the time. Get from our favorite tennis retailer, CourtGirl, or contact Edara directly, as we have several in stock, I just haven’t put them up on the website. 

  1. The Best Overgrip

It is inexpensive, comes in multi-packs and you can buy it at Walmart or on Amazon. I like how tacky it is, especially as your hands start to sweat. You probably aren’t changing your overgrip often enough; no excuses when you always have Tourna Grip on hand!

  1. A Great Low-Tech Gadget to Better Study Your Game

This little phone mount easily attaches to fences to allow you to get court time footage. Whether you want to study your form or create content for your social media, it is a small, convenient piece of equipment to keep on hand in your tennis bag.

  1. A Half-Zip You’ll Want in Every Color

I love Varley, but why pay the premium when you can get this incredible Amazon dupe for a fraction of the price? Get one in every color! Great for over your tennis clothes or just with leggings or jeans!

  1. Foam Roller

Hurts so good! Keep one under your bed and roll out your thigh muscles before bedtime. It is also said to help reduce the appearance of cellulite. I love it on my back and neck, too.

  1. Tennis Hopper

Even if you belong to a private club where you don’t need your own balls, it is useful to have your own tennis hopper and tennis ball supplies. Keep it in the trunk of your car to use when hitting with your kids, when you want to practice your serves, when you choose to play at the public park, etc.

  1. Lululemon Socks

Socks are always an annoying purchase; kind of like car tires. The good ones are relatively expensive, and I would always rather spend the money on something else. But your feet are the foundation of your tennis game. Take good care to ensure you have socks and shoes that are comfortable for you.

  1. Adidas Slides

Any 80s/90s babies will appreciate the classic Adidas slides, which never really went out of style but are now offered in a multitude of colors. I’m very conscientious of keeping my court shoes reserved just for the court; so having a pair of slides handy for to-and-from is a must.

  1. BumBum Cream

Most ladies are familiar with this nice smelling cream, which if you use consistently helps reduce the appearance of cellulite. We often wait for the Sephora sale to buy it, so receiving it unexpectedly would be lovely!

Splurge-worthy tennis gifts
  1. SMMT Tennis Bag: Carry Your Passion Smartly 

A tennis bag is not just a necessity; it's a fashion statement. SMMT offers a range of chic and functional tennis bags that are perfect for carrying your racquets, balls, and essentials. Upgrade your tennis gear with a stylish bag that reflects your love for the game.

  1. Classiest Leather Tennis Bag 

Tennis specific bags can be pretty unexciting which is why I usually defer to a tote bag that I like. However, this Wilson bag features gorgeous leather craftsmanship and a sleek design. If you have a really talented tennis player you’re shopping for, this bag would be a perfect accessory to complement her on-court skills.

  1. Luv AJ Diamond Tennis Necklace: A Luxurious Splurge 

It can feel counter intuitive to wear nice jewelry while playing tennis, but you certainly can! This necklace actually provides a lot of value, as it gives the appearance of a full length diamond necklace when worn, even though the extender in the back actually minimizes the amount of diamonds used (and thus the amount of diamonds you end up paying for). Made of real diamonds; made to order; and ships within 5-6 weeks.

  1. Theragun 

A great gift for a guy or girl, as it is just so nice to have on hand when your muscles are sore and tight.

  1. Fancy White Tennis Balls 

A fun collector’s item for someone who has it all. These would be beautiful on a bookshelf or mounted in a display case. Another option here.

  1. A New York Tennis Moment

A tennis trip is a big event, but how fun to make memories with a special person in your life, in the greatest city, at a grand slam tennis tournament. Sign up on the US Open website to receive alerts when tickets go on sale in the late Spring for the 2024 tournament.


Edara Apparel's 2023 Holiday Gift Guide for female tennis players is a treasure trove of thoughtful and stylish options. Whether you're shopping for a casual player or a seasoned pro, this guide has something to suit every taste and preference. From practical accessories to high-end indulgences, these gifts are sure to make any tennis lover's holiday season ace-worthy. So, go ahead and spread the joy of tennis with these fantastic gift ideas!