It all begins with an idea. And the idea here was to design and produce attractive, high-performing one-piece tennis dresses.

One-piece dressing means you immediately look put together, and there is less fidgeting, tucking in, pulling at, worrying about how you look...all things that distract from focusing on the game.

Edara Apparel celebrates female athletes, and this inaugural capsule collection aims to give those athletes something new to add to their on-court toolbox: a DRESS.

Each design in the Signature Collection was thoughtfully considered by the owner herself, who needed better fitting, better looking and better performing tennis outfits. She wanted to be able to step on the court and feel confident in how she looks.

What we wear matters…mentally, emotionally and certainly athletically. Every woman knows the feeling she gets from wearing a great fitting dress: you stand a little taller; you fidget less; you feel unstoppable. Edara Apparel brings that concept to the court.