The Player Edit

Below are the tennis outfits most recently worn by the four, female semi-finalists at the 2022 US Open. We see these incredible women, and we celebrate them.

These professional athletes could probably play in a trash bag and still dominate on the court. But, we see major room for improvement in how they are dressed.

Edara Apparel challenges you to envision the winner on Sunday accepting her trophy in an Edara dress, as styled in the inspo board below.

We encourage you to consider the importance of athletic fashion from the perspective of both a spectator (how you remember her) and a player herself (how she can move and perform in her clothes).

Edara Apparel dresses are designed by a tennis player, for a tennis player. Each detail has been thoughtfully considered to enhance comfort, efficiency and ease on the court, all while looking chic and polished. Because when you look good and feel comfortable in the clothes you are wearing, you are free to be perform to your highest athletic potential.