Short and simple: Edara Apparel is just an apparel line. If you like our products and they fit you well, you may decide to buy something, wear it, add it to your wardrobe and not think much else about it. And that is fine and normal and how it should be.

However, the origins of Edara Apparel go deeper. It was a passion project, brought to the surface by a love of tennis; of being active, really. The backstory and meaning behind Edara likely won’t influence buyers or make a difference to its wearers, but there is a sincere story to the brand identity, and here it is:

When brainstorming what Edara Apparel would project to the world, the general concept of “sport” kept presenting itself.

While on a trail run to clear my mind one day, I started thinking about how sport has been a pretty consistent through-line in my life. I can be a chameleon for many different social and professional environments, but at the end of the day, I most love the athletic version of myself. It feels the most natural and evokes the most joy.

I’m not a professional athlete, nor did I play in college (though I think I could have held my own on a D3 basketball, volleyball, or maybe tennis team?). I’ve never been the best player out there, but I’m above average, am very coachable and enjoy competing.

As an adult, there is a sense of nostalgia associated with sport. Perhaps because now I am the one in the stands or on the sidelines cheering for and coaching my own children. Childhood sports are formative, memory-making years: team cheers, making friends, picking out jersey numbers, receiving trophies, team snacks, so much Gatorade, end of season parties, and family in the stands.

Sport is a lot of things, and I’m willing to bet anyone who has enjoyed playing a sport at some point in his or her life will be able to relate a personal memory or take-away from each of the following attributes:

Sport is Fun: Sport has brought me incredible joy. Elation from hitting a game-winner, cutting down a championship net, having a team holiday party, laughing during practice, feeling a runner’s high after a race.

Sport is Health: Sport has strengthened my body and brought into focus the big picture of eating healthy, getting enough sleep, building muscle and keeping my mind sharp.

Sport is Friends: Sport has introduced me to wonderful people in all chapters of my life, many of whom I never would have met otherwise but have since become my closest friends through our shared athletic experiences.

Sport is Fashion: Sport has highlighted that how I look and feel in my clothes affects my preparedness to compete. Whether it’s how I tuck in a uniform, pull back my hair, or coordinate accessories: these are small choices that contribute to a greater sense of self and confidence when it’s time to perform.

Sport is Toughness: As someone who is generally reserved and has struggled with confidence, sport has be an incredible outlet to harness inner—and outer—toughness. If you can fight through hard times in a game and learn how to both win and lose with grace, then you can fight through tough times in life.

Sport really is a bit of EVERYTHING.

A tennis dress isn’t life-changing. However, consistently putting one on, and getting out there to play will be.