Shape and size doesn’t determine a good tennis player, but I know that many tall ladies enjoy the sport of tennis (because, standing at 5’11”, I am one of them). Just as finding pants that are long enough can be tough for tall women, finding a tennis dress that fits a tall body is also a challenge.

Tennis dresses for tall women provide an attractive and comfortable choice for a day on the court. Tennis players often have athletic bodies, and tall women need clothing that is designed to fit their body shape. With their long torso and legs, tall women need clothing that will flatter their figure while providing the necessary coverage and athletic support.

The following qualities highlight why Edara Apparel tennis dresses are the perfect choice for tall women:

Forgiving midsection.

Most people who see someone wearing an Edara tennis dress for the first time assume she is wearing separates. That is because Edara dresses are designed with extra material on the upper portion of the garment, allowing fabric to effortlessly drape and flow around one’s midsection.

This design feature accomplishes three important goals:

  1. It allows an attractive fit for a variety of body types: whether you are short or tall, thin or muscular, this portion of the dress will adapt to your torso length.

  2. If you are a little self-conscious of your tummy and prefer to not have tight-fitting tops, this loose fabric is forgiving and camouflages any problem areas.

  3. Edara tennis dresses allow you to stretch and reach comfortably, especially if you are tall. Edara wanted to solve the problem of exposing our tummies when we serve or having to re-tuck our shirts when we reach for a wide shot, which is why a one-piece design is so clutch. However, the last thing we want is for the design of the one-piece to restrict our mobility. The forgiving midsection of Edara tennis dresses means tall ladies are not compromised on their range of motion.

Attractive waistband.

Try to find a tennis dress on the market with a defined waistband. There aren’t any. One of the fastest ways to make any dress more attractive on a tall woman is to add a belt and give some definition to her waist; it provides immediate aesthetic proportion.

I have never been able to fit into the pre-existing tennis dresses on the market. They are all either a shift, babydoll, empire or tunic sillouhette; none of which work well for my long body. These dress types instantly make my posture slump and my insecurities show as I tug insecurely at the too-short hem. That is no way to look or feel on the court!

A few brands started to add a waistline to their tennis dresses over the past several years, usually in the form of a contrasting horizontal design feature. However, the waistband on those designs hit way above my belly button, required separate ball shorts underneath and therefore inevitably would pull upward up when I served or hit an overhead, thus exposing my thighs and ball shorts. Forget it. Not attractive or comfortable AT ALL.

Therefore, Edara Apparel introduced the tennis onesie: it looks like separates but functions as as one-piece. It is the best of both worlds. Our wide waistbands have a mid to high rise to help flatten the belly a bit and give positive definition to the female figure. They anchor the flow bodice on top and support the built-in shorts below.

Reasonable skirt lengths.

The length of a tennis skirt — or dress—is crucial. You need to be mobile and unrestricted when you play, but depending on our age, height, body shape and general preferences, hem length can vary quite a bit when it comes to tennis attire.

Since tall women have more body to cover, the really short tennis skirts and dresses on the market can be too revealing and uncomfortable for many. Yet, longer hem lengths can be too matronly or mistaken for golf attire.

Edara carefully studied and tested each hem length in order to establish an attractive “middle ground” for what we think is most universally flattering for women of various heights and sizes. Each Edara product page discloses the skirt length associated with the design to give you a good sense of how it will fit.

Stretchy & secure built-in shorts.

When you’re tall, things just fit differently, and ball shorts are no exception. One of the worst feelings is when ball shorts become booty shorts because the fabric is riding up your legs and suddenly become a set of bikini bottoms. Even worse is trying to make it not look awkward when you reach under your skirt to pull the fabric back down! Ugh!

Enter Edara’s built-in shorts with stretch fabric and hem grip. Moisture-wicking and with four-way stretch, the shorts material is made for athletic impact.

Better yet, the hem grip holds the shorts in place so they don’t slip or ride up! Equally beneficial, the hem grip securely holds balls in place. While some women use the ball pockets on either side of the shorts, many (myself included) find that it is faster and more efficient to simply slip your extra ball or two under the hem of the shorts, against your skin. With the added support of the gummy hem grip, tennis balls don’t fall out when you run and play. I can stuff my shorts like a chipmuck with more than a few tennis balls during practice.

In conclusion, tennis dresses for tall women are always a great choice. They provide a stylish and comfortable look, while still providing the necessary coverage and support.

With a few key Edara Apparel pieces in your wardrobe, you can create a look that is both attractive and functional for pure tennis and pickleball domination!