Let’s dissect two of the most important pieces of equipment for when you play pickleball: the paddle and the dress!

The Pickleball Paddle

Pickleball is an increasingly popular sport that is quickly gaining traction among recreational athletes and serious competitors alike. As a result, more and more people are turning to pickleball paddles to enhance their game.

But what makes a good pickleball paddle, and what is it made of?

The design of a pickleball paddle is the most important factor when choosing the right one for you. Paddles come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials, so it is important to understand the differences before selecting a paddle.

  1. Material

Pickleball paddles are typically made from either graphite, aluminum, or composite materials. Graphite paddles are lightweight and offer great control, while aluminum paddles are heavier and provide more power. Composite paddles are a combination of graphite and aluminum, offering a balanced blend of power and control.

2. Shape

The shape of a pickleball paddle also plays an important role in the performance of the paddle. Longer paddles are better at delivering power and reach, while shorter paddles are more precise, allowing the player to make more precise shots.

3. Handle

The handle of a pickleball paddle is also important, as it affects the grip of the player on the paddle. Most handles are either round or oval shaped, and they can be made from rubber, cork, or wood.

4. Weight

Finally, the weight of a pickleball paddle is also an important factor to consider. Heavier paddles provide more power and control, while lighter paddles are better for agility and control.

It is important to find a paddle that feels comfortable and provides good performance, as this will help you get the most out of your pickleball game. Choosing the right pickleball paddle can help you to improve your game and take your pickleball skills to the next level. With the right knowledge and understanding, you can find a paddle that suits your style and helps you excel in the sport.

The Pickleball Dress

When you are shopping for a pickleball dress, it’s important to take into consideration several factors in order to ensure a dress that is comfortable, stylish, and appropriate for pickleball play. Here are some of the factors to keep in mind when shopping for a pickleball dress.

1. Comfort

Comfort is key when it comes to pickleball dress. Look for a dress that is made from breathable and lightweight materials like polyester. The dress should also be loose enough to allow for easy movement on the court, but not so loose that it gets in the way of your play.

2. Style

Pickleball dress comes in a variety of styles, so you should be able to find something that suits your taste. Look for a dress that flatters your body shape and is appropriate for the court.

3. Durability

Durability is also important when it comes to pickleball dress. You want something that can stand up to the wear and tear of play. Look for materials that are designed to wick away moisture and help keep you cool and dry during play.

4. Functionality

The dress should also be functional and provide you with the necessary range of motion for pickleball play. Look for a dress with a built-in skirt, so you can move freely on the court.

The Edara Difference

With these factors in mind—Comfort, Style, Durability and Functionality—Edara checks all the boxes for your perfect pickleball dress.

While the Ruffle Dress and the Tie-Back Dress are amazing choices, below are some of the design highlights of the Long-Sleeved Dress that make it exceptionally good for your next pickleball meet-up.