When it comes to choosing what to wear to play tennis, there are two main categories from which to choose: dresses and separates. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, so it's important to weigh the pros and cons before making a purchasing decision.

Ultimately, the best way to decide whether to wear a tennis dress or separates is to consider your personal preferences and needs. However, here at Edara Apparel, we are Team Dress, and we want to convince you why you should be, too. Stop coming up with excuses for why a tennis dress isn’t right for you and hop on board this never-out-of-style fashion trend!

1.Myth: Tennis dresses are more expensive than separates.

Truth: If you look at some of everyone’s favorite, quality retailers like Lululemon, Athleta and Lucky in Love, the average cost of a tennis skirt nowadays is +/-$80. Add a coordinating tank or shirt from one of those retailers at an average cost of +/-$70, and your tennis outfit is easily $150. The beauty of an Edara dress is that not only are you under that price point—with our Ruffle and Tie-Back dresses selling for $128 and the Long-Sleeved dress for $148— but you also don’t need to coordinate your outfit. One and done; less time thinking/planning/digging through laundry and more time playing!

2. Myth: Tennis dresses make it hard to use the restroom.

Truth: We don’t think so, but we respect this is a matter of personal preference for people. The complications of using the restroom while wearing a one-piece tennis dress were at the forefront of all the dress design concepts. Each dress has plenty of stretchy tolerance to slip off your shoulders and pull down. It is uncomplicated and easy; it is hardly a concern for those who have fallen in love with Edara dresses. Pulling down your tennis dress is a very small inconvenience, if any, for the benefit of having built-in shorts and a striking one-piece look.

3. Myth: Tennis dresses look cute but don’t function well on the court the way separates do.

Truth: Until Edara came around, that was pretty factual! The market is saturated with a ton of really cute, girly, dainty tennis dresses. They are adorable, but if you need a dress you can actually play aggressively in and not worry about ruining it with sweat and strain of athletic output, then you have to take more than looks into consideration. Edara tennis dresses are made specifically with the athlete in mind; albeit, the fashion-forward athlete who also likes to look good! Leave it all out on the court, because your Edara Apparel dress will keep up with you. Then, throw in the wash and wear again the next day.

4. Myth: Tennis dresses are not versatile.

Truth: They are SO versatile! The fashion movement known as ‘tennis core’ has been going strong for a couple years now. You no doubt have seen women running errands, watching their kids’ sporting events, grabbing cocktails, hiking, walking the dog, doing yoga in their tennis outfits—no racket or paddle in sight! Edara dresses lend themselves beautifully for transitions on and off the court. Dress them up or down with different jackets, shoes and accessories. Edara dresses are classic in their white and black colorways, devoid a lot of wild patterns that scream “tennis outfit”. The black Edara dresses are particularly nondescript when you don’t want to look too tennis-specific. Athletic dresses are here to stay, and for good reason: they are comfortable and cute.

5. Myth: Tennis dresses just don’t fit my body type.

Truth: Nothing fits everyone perfectly, we know that. But it is true that tennis dresses in particular can be very unforgiving, namely in how they hit a woman’s midsection as well as length-wise, depending on her height. That is why each Edara dress is made to look like separates, because with a defined waistband and extra, flowy fabric around the bodice, Edara dress are inherently more forgiving and much more flattering for a variety of body types. What is better than looking like separates, but having all the benefits of a one-piece? We’ll wait….

Pro Tip: No matter what you chose to wear when you play tennis or pickleball, make sure you select something in a breathable, moisture-wicking material with UPF qualities. It is the easiest way to ensure you will stay comfortable and safe if you are playing under the sun.