Visors are not just a fashion accessory to your tennis dress. Learn why they are super important and should be a staple in your athletic wardrobe.

Oftentimes a visor is tossed in your tennis bag haphazardly in the event of a particularly sunny day. But I’m here to tell you that putting on your tennis visor each time you play is as important as putting on your tennis shoes. Here are the reasons why:

Sun Protection

If you play tennis or pickleball during the day, you are dealing with the sun either being directly overhead or at a glaring angle. Even on cloudy days, those harmful UV rays are a threat. While you should most certainly wear sunscreen on your face everyday (don’t forget the tops of your ears!), the brim of the visor shields your face and nose from the sun’s rays and helps to prevent sunburns.

Eye Protection

If you play during the evening or indoors you will have to contend with blinding court lights. Wearing a visor can help you adjust your depth perception, reduce distractions, and keep you focused on the game.

The Features of the Ace Visor

One Size Fits Most

The Ace Visor's stretchy, non-adjustable elastic band provides a sleek and simple design. With it, you won't have to deal with the annoyance of adjusting straps or getting your hair caught in velcro. Furthermore, you won't experience any headaches from a visor that's constricting and too tight. Instead, this visor stays put while still being comfortable to wear. So, you can slip it over your head or under your ponytail, worry-free.

A Bill That Cuts the Glare

The dark underside of these visors helps to minimize the visual glare from sunlight or artificial lighting. Additionally, the visors can help to distinguish between light and dark in early morning or late afternoon shadows on the court.

Terry forehead sweatband.

Say goodbye to sweat dripping down your face and into your eyes! The Ace Visor is here to help. It features a soft cotton/polyester blend sweatband on the inner side of the front panel, allowing you to stay dry and comfortable. No more having to wipe away the sweat with your hands, or having to worry about smearing sunscreen or mascara. Enjoy the convenience of the Ace Visor and stay dry and comfortable.

The Intentional Design of this Tennis Visor

I wanted it perfect.

I founded Edara Apparel in order to design and produce exactly what I needed on the court but couldn’t find on the market. While visors are a dime a dozen, I never had one that fit the way I wanted it to or matched with my outfit. I love a good trucker hat, but I always have to put my hair in a low ponytail in order to make it work for me.

The Ace Visor is designed with purpose and intent. After months of hard work, I was able to ensure the measurements are perfect, the materials are high quality, and the contrasting thread color matches the dresses and sports bra from my Signature Collection.

I needed it functional.

Perhaps the best feature of Edara’s Ace Tennis Visor is that you can toss it in the washing machine. It launders beautifully, and I recommend line drying it. Start each match looking and feeling fresh.

Have I convinced you yet that the Ace Visor is truly the unsung hero of the Signature Collection? It's a must-have accessory, perfect for tennis and pickleball lovers everywhere. Not only is it small and affordable, but it was also specially designed with you in mind! Don't miss out on this wardrobe workhorse – shop the Ace Visor today!