Wondering why it is so important for your tennis dress to have sleeves? Protect your skin and learn the reasoning behind these high quality products!

Did you know that skin cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the U.S.? Even if it’s not cold out or it is a cloudy day, the UV rays are always strong and of course sun screen should always be used, especially when playing sports! These tennis dresses with sleeves add an extra protection from the sun and can prevent long term affects. Not to mention they are super comfortable and stretchy!

In my history, I have concerns about skin cancer and so it was really important for me to create a product that protects your skin while also being highly functional. The Edara tennis dresses with sleeves come in both black and white colors and you will not regret checking them out! See them below:

White Long-Sleeve Tennis Dress

Black Long-Sleeve Tennis Dress

Not into tennis dresses with sleeves? Visors can also protect you from the sun! Visors provide shade which will protect your entire face while you are playing a match.They will help keep the sun out of your eyes while you are playing so sunglasses are not necessary (though I still prefer to use both).

Visors come in both black and white and the best part is that they match perfectly with the tennis outfits! Take a look:

White Visor

Black Visor

The next time you are looking to elevate your tennis game and start protecting your skin, check out these tennis dresses with sleeves and stylish visors!

You will not regret it and your skin will be thanking you later! Click here to shop!