Tennis dresses are trending and are now sold EVERYWHERE! But what makes a good tennis dress and what sets Edara apart from its competitors?

Most tennis dresses in the industry today are not specifically designed with the tennis athlete in mind. They have now become a piece of fashion that people like to wear as an everyday outfit and not for playing the sport. This is why you will see lots of competitors selling cotton material, short-sleeve, and not very high quality dresses. These are not practical for an athlete. Therefore, Edara created the tennis player’s dream outfit for on the court! (It helps that Edara is owned and founded by a female tennis player)!

Here are the main features that set Edara apart:


The last thing you want to worry about during a match is your outfit. The one-piece engineered stye helps it fit the body perfectly so your clothes are out of the way and comfortable during a match. Not to mention it is super stylish and easy to put on!


One of the best parts about Edara is that we offer a long sleeve option! Why is this so important?

When playing a sport outside it is extremely smart to be cautious of the sun and protect your skin. Of course you should always be wearing sunscreen, but Edara’s carefully sourced fabric will also help protect against UV sun rays. You will thank me later (trust me!!). This dress is also great to wear during those colder days so you don’t have to add an extra layer!

Durable 4-Way Stretch, Moisture-Wicking, Soft Touch and Breathable

Tennis dresses need to be stretchy…duh! Edara creates one-piece dresses that are super durable, cooling, and extremely soft to the touch. What more could you ask for!?

Check out all that Edara has to offer and the variety of dresses, HERE!