Continued from “Edara and the Modern Tennis Dress — Part II”: and “Edara and the Modern Tennis Dress — Part I”

Why the tennis dress, specifically?

In small part, Edara’s Signature One-Piece Tennis Dress collection is a modern day homage to the origins of women’s tennis apparel.

Moreso, there is so much to love about the simplicity of one-piece dressing.

One and done means:

  • No more adjusting tops that become untucked from your skirt after you serve.

  • No more tugging at ill-fitting shorts that ride up.

  • No more being self conscious about the way those undershorts pinch your waistline.

  • And no more thinking about how you’re going to match separates to make your outfit work.

Slip on an Edara tennis dress, pair it with an Advantage Sports Bra and Ace Visor and feel confident that the cut of the dress is hitting you in all the right places and will perform at a high caliber with you.

Take a deep breath and relax, because now your outfit is one less thing to creep into your mind while you play a tennis match, dominate a pickleball game, or sweat it out in a lesson or clinic.

Just stay in the zone, have fun and execute your game, because you already look the part of a polished tennis or pickleball player. And when you look good and feel good in the clothes on your body, you are free to perform to your best athletic potential.

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