Continued from “Edara and the Modern Tennis Dress — Part I”:

The Progression of the Tennis Dress

Both men’s and women’s tennis attire has continued to evolve each decade since the late 1900s in many stylistically interesting and socially progressive ways. Skirt lengths shortened, ability to move freely started to be prioritized, style was considered as fashion designers such as Ted Tingling got involved, and boundaries were and continue to be pushed.

So, what is women’s tennis style today? 

Edara Apparel thinks 2022 women’s tennis fashion is rooted in confidence, simplicity and functionality, with a hint of tradition.

And that concept of motivated style for functional performance is at the heart of the Ruffle, Long-Sleeved, and Tie-Back Dresses, accompanied by the Advantage Sports Bra and Ace Visor

Edara Apparel’s mission is to embolden women’s athletic prowess on the court through the vehicle of fashion.

And while it’s none of our business where anyone looks to impress a suitor like the Victorian men and women did, we can’t deny that we enjoy feeling attractive in the clothes we are wearing when we have a racket or pickleball paddle in our hand.

When a women feels good about the clothes on her body, she typically carries a little extra confidence with her, and that can go a long way when battling it out with an opponent across the net.


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